The free marcomms networking night from Bloodybigspider

Hello! Do you work in PR / marketing / design / digital or something equally marcommy? Want to meet new clients, employers, suppliers or likeminded drinking buddies? Us too. 

Whether you're agency or client-side, big brand or small startup, we’d love you to come to the Pollen networking event on Tuesday 4th October 2016: a night of mingling, drinking and sharing ideas. 

It'll be downstairs at The Finery pub, near Oxford Circus tube, and entry's FREE so you've got nothing to lose!

Not enough of an incentive? Alright, here's why you should come: 

  • No guest speakers or presentations to sit through, just a roomful of industry folk swapping stories and business cards over a drink (although Steve might say a few words after a beer or two).
  • Speaking of booze, we're popping some cash behind the bar, but once it's gone it's gone so get there early and take advantage of our hospitality. 
  • We reckon everyone will get something great out of the evening. Whether it's bagging new business, talking yourself into the job of your dreams or adding a few numbers to your rolodex (do people still use them?), we hope you won't leave empty-handed.

The more the merrier – but just be sure to register so we know you're coming. There's limited space and we don't want to turn anyone away!

Here's what a couple of lovely folks said about the last Pollen event:

"Had a great turnout, it was well managed and they bought everyone a drink, what's not to love." — Ajay Arora

"Was very relaxed and great mixture of people! Fun and chilled out." — Kelly Pereira

Tuesday 4th October 2016, 6pm 'til late. 

Got a question? We've got the answer, probably:

If you want to know something we haven't covered, drop us a line at: stephen@bloodybigspider.com

Is my registration/ticket transferrable? 

If you can't come and want to send somebody in your place, that's fine! But as it's so easy to sign up, they might as well put themselves on the list – registration will be open until ten minutes before the event. 

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

You can if you like, but that's just for your records really. We'll have some kind of fancy guestlist system (a clipboard and pen) in place on the night so just give us your name when you arrive and in you go. 

This sounds like a good event but I *hate* talking to strangers and bigging myself up.

Hey, we know how hard it is to walk up to someone new and say hi. But guess what? Everybody at Pollen will be there for the same reason: to meet people. If you approach someone and they roll their eyes and walk off, they're at the wrong event. As the hosts, we'll do our utmost to introduce you to folks we think you'll get along with or benefit from meeting. Feeling really uncomfortable about walking into a roomful of strangers? Drop us an email beforehand and we'll put you in touch with another attendee we think you should meet, so you've already got somebody to look out for when you arrive. If you end up frozen in the middle of the room too terrified to talk to anyone, just shout 'STEVE!' and he'll rescue you. 

What if there's nobody there worth talking to? 

We've done our very best to invite a load of terrific people in the 'marcomms' industry (marketing, PR, design etc.) and we're sure there will be someone there you'll want to chat to. Whether it's a potential client (there'll be people from small startups as well as big brands in attendance), a new supplier to replace the one who's been screwing up your orders, or even an employer just waiting to find the perfect new team member. We promise there will be a really great bunch of people hanging around who you'll love chatting to, even if it's not all shop talk. Failing that, there's a fully stocked bar.