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T9 – Predictive Text

24.09.2010 – Stephen Holmes

Really interesting article from Wired about the origins of T9 (predictive text) on mobile phones and how it was born out of the creators work on products for people with disabilities.

With around 4 billion (yep, that’s BILLION) phones still in in the wild using T9 (despite the march of touchscreen smart phones), it’s a massively important and influential technology that has truly entered the publics’ day to day life.

Comics: remixed.

14.12.2009 – Stephen Holmes

There’s some great covers of comics (over at Wired) that have been redrawn by some very talented illustrators (I especially love the ones of Superman and Venom), giving them a different twist to the originals, well worth a look.

With far more of these great re-imagineerings over at Covered.

// Image: Original cover by Jerry Ordway redrawn by Eric Skillman.