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Something for the weekend: Ducks, death and dogs with jobs

Happy sunny Friday, marketing fans! As always (well, sometimes) we’re here to save you, ohhh, at least five minutes by tracking down the best of the week’s online gems so you can click and read and laugh and learn all the live long day. No need to thank us, although we do like Cadbury’s Fingers a lot at the moment if you’re passing Sainsbury’s.


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Everything else 

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Have a lovely weekend, ya filthy animals xxx

Siobhan O'Brien Holmes

Something for the weekend

photo-1425563805830-b82b85e0fa2eYep, that’s right folks, it’s Friday again! Time certainly flies when you’re having fun doesn’t it?!

This week someone turned the thermostat up to 23ºC in London town and it was bloody boiling! If you’re truly English you did one of four things:

1. Wore as little as possible

2. Complained

3. Got sun burnt

4. All of the above

If you were to do a Google search for the amount of times the general public said the words “it’s too hot” on Wednesday, it’d probably go off the analytical scale.


It was our very own Miranda’s birthday this week and in true Bloodybigspider fashion we stuffed our faces with sugary treats and fell asleep at our desks!

Happy birthday dear Miranda…happy birthday to you – hip hip hurray!

The lucky lady has now flown off to Berlin for a long weekend away (insert jealous emoji here).

Hot, hot, heat 

Even with the spring sun glaring down on us from 147 million kilometres away we’ve been working away like true marketing agency heroes! We don’t let the beer gardens and gold, sandy beaches distract us, oh no!

Us copywriting whiz kids have been working on some top secret projects this week – I’ve been finding out some amazing Champions League footy facts (which has been a dream come true), and we’ve also been writing some top copy for a blooming great car manufacturer!

‘Please accept our apologies’

Twitter has changed the way the world works for lots of folk. You can instantly have a 140-character chat with mates, celebs, brands and even vent your frustrations with a company’s customer services.

I’ve come to the conclusion that even though 24/7 customer service is a good thing (in principle), you don’t get much more than a meaningless ‘sorry’. So what’s the point?

If you work in Whitechapel (the coolest place in the world) and you’ve recently popped into Tesco on the high street, you may have noticed a god-awful stench. It’s a mixture of mouldy cheese and vomit – just what you want when you’re doing the big shop.

We took to Twitter to inform them and got nothing but a lousy ‘we’re really sorry to hear that’.

That’s fine Tesco, but what a about the food contamination?

If you’ve got any resolutions from complaining on social media, we’d love to hear form you!

Rant over.

Here’s some of our favourite links from the internet this week:

That’s all we’ve got time for I’m afraid people.

Have a bloody great weekend!

The BBS team




Something for the weekend

photo-1422405153578-4bd676b19036After a long and AMAZING four day weekend consisting of drinking booze and eating eggs, it was back to reality on Tuesday. The bank holiday certainly gave me the chance to reflect on life. I came to the conclusion that weekends should be longer and if I were running for Parliament, three day weekends would be compulsory for all. #votemein #cameronout

If you weren’t in a chocolate-related coma this week and managed to make it outside you’ll have noticed the one thing that us Brits love the most… sunshiiiiiiiine! As a Yorkshire man it’s been like a tropical rainforest here in London, so my skinny Levi shorts have been out in force. I sincerely apologise to anyone who witnessed my bright-white, chubby legs on the tube.

In Whitechapel…

Us Bloodybigspider folk have been working away like absolute troopers. I’ve been writing some exciting copy for our lovely client find-a-present.uk. If you’re looking for a present for anyone, I guarantee you’ll find it on there! Meanwhile SOH has been working super-hard for another client of ours, top accounting body CIMA! We’ve been saving the world, one day at a time with our wordsmith wizardry.

From a design side of things, we’d like to give a shout out to our new clients Dartex and easyHotels. We’re looking forward to working with you guys over the coming months!

In other news

We’re still looking for the perfect DAB radio station, so if you’ve got any suggestions please let us know! Anything that doesn’t play the same chart songs over and over and over and over and over…

Absolute Radio 80s and 90s are among my personal favourites so far.

Anyway, enough of the small talk. Enjoy some of our favourite internet distractions from this week:

Before we love you and leave you; here’s a selection of our beautiful, hip Instagram shots from this week:

Have a bloody great weekend!

The BBS team



Something for the weekend


Happy Friday! Rick here. Welcome to our new blog series where we’ll be sharing some of the best links we’ve come across throughout the week, plus giving you a little peek behind the Bloodybigspider HQ doors and letting you in the latest agency highlights – like the amazing bag of popping candy Terry’s chocolate orange segments we wolfed down yesterday, and the smell of fried chicken that permeated the office when we brought Mother Clucker lunches back to our desks. All our news won’t be food related, promise.

More importantly, we had a couple of lovely new additions to the team this week – hi Dave and Miranda! Oh, and I became the new Bloodybigspider marketing assistant, so look out for my Instagram updates!

My favourite link of the week:

While working on some client copy this week I came across penisland.com, which of course made me chuckle and think back to school when we’d write PEN15 on each other’s arms and laugh uncontrollably. Anyway, I was a little nervous typing it into my browser and wasn’t quite sure what might pop up on the screen, but obviously penisland.com is just an unfortunately titled website selling… drumroll please… pens. The ‘finest quality custom pens’, in fact. All perfectly innocent. Although Pen Island do also handcraft wooden pens –  ‘winning multiple awards’ in the process – and highlight this with the headline: We specialise in wood.

I’m still not sure if the pun was intended or not.

And here are some links from the rest of the team:

Stay tuned for next week’s blog. In the meantime, go ahead and add your own links for the weekend in the comments section below. Thanks, and enjoy!

Richard Mclean