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Something for the Easter weekend


The question “Is it too early for beer o’clock?” started flying around the office about 11am today, and I’m very proud to say that we’ve managed to make it to 4pm and still not a drop of booze has touched our lips. We’re making up for it by blasting out old school pop classics like Blazin’ Squad, Billie Piper and O-Town. I think Steve now needs a drink more than ever.

So, it’s nearly the bank holiday weekend, woohoooooo! What’s everybody up to? Bloodybigspider will absolutely not be in the office for the next four days so don’t be offended if we don’t reply to your emails – we’ll just be too busy drinking wine and getting chocolate all over the sofa.

If you have any free time between your Mars Easter egg and your fifth hot cross bun, take a look at these little beauties. We thought they were pretty good:


That’s all for now, folks. We’re off to HAVE THAT ALCOHOLIC DRINK we’ve been resisting all day. Yeeeah!

Happy bank holiday xx

PS: A big shout out to Taylor, our design intern who finished with us last Friday. He wrote a lovely blog post for us about his time at Bloodybigspider and we’ll be posting that next week <3

PPS: Don’t forget Pollen is coming up in less than two weeks! Get your free ticket today guys!



Something for the weekend

Hey there! Big, HUGE news this week: Pollen has landed.


Join us on Tuesday 5th April in The Finery, a lovely pub just off Oxford Street. It’s free entry, and we have an excellent (totally optional) little ice-breaker thing that you will love if I do say so myself. If you work in marketing / comms / PR / design or something sort of similar, come along and say hello!

In other news, after a couple of late nights this week we had a really successful presentation of first idea for a new client (top secret at the moment, would love to tell you but then we’d have to ask you nicely not to tell anybody else and I’m not sure we can trust you).

That’s about it for now. Stay tuned, we’ll have lots of exciting stuff to tell you next week and if we don’t we’ll make some up.

Links from the week:

Happy weekend! xox


(Awesome BBS doodle courtesy of design intern Taylor Trotman!)

Siobhan O'Brien Holmes

Something for the weekend: Budweiser, ballerinas and Belle

It’s a quick update this week, folks. Busy, busy, busy and all that! Here are a few highlights from the week: Steve went to a networking event last night and had an entire bottle of Prosecco plus beer and gin; we all scoped out The Finery pub on Monday and paid the deposit for Pollen number three – woop; I had a meeting with a lovely client in the middle of Regent’s Park which was very nice.

We’ll have some more exciting insights into Bloodybigspider life next week, honest. But for now, feast your eyes on this lot:

Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious weekend folks! (I typed that correctly first time without Googling it, I WIN!)

Stephen Holmes

Something for the weekend: Justin Bieber and jackbit


Our weekly Friday post has been distinctly non-weekly lately. In fact, this is the first since October and I’m very sorry! But we’re back with a vengeance and we’ll never leave you again, Brownie Promise. ☝️

The past couple of weeks on the BBS ranch have been mega busy. Our two lovely interns Luke and Taylor settled in really quickly, although sadly Wiganese Luke is now back up t’north, probably eating some reet nice jackbit and listening to Disclosure. Both boys seriously impressed at the Bloodybigspider karaoke session last Friday, belting out lots of Justin Bieber, One Direction and Jason Derulo songs that I’d never heard in my life. Other standout performances included Steve’s Witchita Lineman, Laura’s Summer of 69 and Lauren’s Holding Out For a Hero (and an extra high five to Lauren who had never done karaoke before and was somewhat apprehensive until we started blasting out Lion King).

Steve has been galavanting around town all week, schmoozing at networking events and taking notes at industry talks and conferences (at least that’s where he says he’s been going).

Oh, speaking of networking, we’re getting the next Pollen ready and hope to have a date and venue sorted very soon, so watch this space.

Alright, enough chitchat. Here are a few things we’ve read online that we thought you might get a kick out of. You’ve been a great audience, thanks and goodnight.


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 17.47.57

Reading and writing:


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 18.14.56

Have lots of fun this weekend everyone!

Siobhan O'Brien Holmes