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It’s (not) fantastic!

The latest round of Go Compare’s TV adverts are even more irritating than usual (hard to imagine, I know).

Clearly, the brief said “we want everyone to think that Go Compare is fantastic!”, and okay, I can see how that’s a good thing. But where they went wrong was thinking the best way to meet the brief was to include the word ‘fantastic’ in almost every sentence ‚Äď in effect, keyword cramming like it’s 1990s SEO. Count them in the 60-second spot below: seven times!

That sadly means their advert’s lasting impression is anything but fantastic ūüôĀ

Stephen Holmes

Something for the weekend: sticky trees, prison food and why we love the sky

Sadly, the fabulous Rick Mclean bid farewell to Bloodybigspider on Tuesday and so he passes the Something for the Weekend baton over to me. So here are a few nice things we spotted online this week that you might like to peruse:


Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 17.02.24


Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 17.03.37

 Reading & writing

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 17.05.53

Everything else

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 16.59.58

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

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Sio’s copy swipe file #1: Move your frame

When I worked as a journalist, we had a weekly ‘conference’ on Monday mornings. We were all assigned a few magazines or newspapers each, and over the weekend (when I was desperately trying to do anything BUT think about my day job), we had to read through them and cut out anything that might inspire a feature or interview for our own publication.

We’d have chats like,¬†‘Everyone’s¬†really into Cougar Town right now ‚Äď can we get an interview with the main guy ‚Äď Josh Hopkins?’ (If you haven’t heard of Josh, look him up ‚Äď he’s a catch. I’m pleased to say that this particular interview was assigned to me and I got to hang out in a hotel room with him¬†for 20 minutes.)

Similarly, when I went freelance I discovered that folks¬†in the copywriting biz often kept ‘swipe files’, where they’d¬†swipe¬†stuff they liked in order to use as inspiration later.

I thought I’d let you lovely people take a peek inside my swipe file ‚Äď a fairly boring red four-ring binder ‚Ästand show you some of the awesome copy¬†I keep¬†on my desk for reference.

 So, let me present exhibit one: London gym Move Your Frame. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.53.19

Move Your Frame is my favourite gym; I go all the time.

Ok, I’ve been twice. Fine, I walked past once and thought about signing… ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I’ve never been near it because I hate gyms. I DON’T GO TO THE GYM, ever. I much prefer to work out to an exercise DVD once a month in my pyjamas¬†while eating a Wispa and¬†wondering why I’ve put on 2lbs since Friday.

But if I¬†did go the gym,¬†I’d most definitely be lacing up my snazzy pink Nikes and hot tailing¬†it over to¬†Move Your Frame in Shoreditch. I mean,¬†who wouldn’t want to sign up for classes called Rocket Yoga, Jane Fonda Tribute, Quickie Butts and Rihanna Vs Beyonce?

The website copy (and I presume it extends to all their comms) is super bold, female focused and in your face ‚Äď a tone that sits nicely alongside¬†photos of women’s arses in ’80s hotpants.

Though I’m very much¬†not¬†a gym bunny, Frame’s copy really speaks¬†to me because they’re predominantly talking to¬†busy, working women who want to look hot but don’t really have the time. This is particularly excellent:

Whether it’s toning, strength or de-stressing you‚Äôre after, Frame‚Äôs quickies will achieve an ROI even your boss would be happy with.

Those 30 minute ‘quickies’, by the way, are aimed at gals who¬†can’t slip out for a long lunch whenever they fancy but still need to get their fitness fix, and the overall tone and approach is bang on for that audience. We multitasking, professional ladies are too busy being brilliant¬†to have¬†time for subtlety and¬†reading between the lines ‚Äď cut to the chase! Tell us what ya got! So Move Your Frame’s direct, economical¬†headlines and calls to action, like ‘Be our friend, we’re awesome’ and ‘Want in?’ make me, for one,¬†very happy.

Back to the swipe file, here’s the particular bit of copy I liked enough to print it out and slip it into a plastic pouch. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best name for an aerobics class ever:



So, you used to play with Barbie when you were little, but thought nothing of her incredible physique and too-good-to-be-true flexibility? Well, now you’re old enough to appreciate these things, why not try to rediscover some of the flexibility that you had as a kid? Whether you want to do the splits or just become more supple and manage to touch your toes, this class is suitable for everyone. Focusing on: shoulders, spine, hamstrings, hip flexors, splits, straddle, butt and even your feet.


University of Leicester found Richard

It’s very rare that I spot a university tube ad that doesn’t make me say ‘ohhh dear’. But¬†then I saw this cheeky little number on the Victoria line today and had to¬†get a (rather shoddy) picture. See commuters, I wasn’t taking a stalkerish photo of you, it was just the ad!

IMG_6134They’ve obviously turned this around fairly quickly to capitalise on all the Richard III hubbub in the news, and I think it’s a really clever way of instantly giving a relatively¬†modern¬†institution a¬†huge¬†sense¬†of heritage and history.

The University of Leicester was founded in 1921 ‚Äď a lot later than the Oxfords (approx. 1096) and Cambridges (1209) of this world. But start talking about a 15th century king of England¬†and people imagine, however subconsciously, they’ve been around for donkey’s years.

Plus they’re reminding us just how bloody clever they are. ‘Other universities couldn’t find him, but we did’.

Long live the University of Leicester!