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Bloodybigspider goes back to uni

We’ve been writing a lot for the education and training sectors recently. It’s an area we’re really interested in – our chief copywriter SOH is currently doing a part time Master’s at the University of Roehampton so she know’s all too well about the student lifestyle.

Last year we did some work for Middlesex University, one of the largest universities in the UK, and we’re really pleased to announce that the eight course magazines we helped write are now popping through prospective students’ letterboxes nationwide.

Working with our lovely MDX client Nerissa Bryden (UK Student Recruitment Marketing Manager), we wrote the ‘Student Life’ section of the course magazines – 12 pages of useful info students need to know, like where they’ll study, socialise and sleep… oh and where to go for a beer and a bagel, obviously. We conducted and wrote a few subject-specific interviews too.

It was a great project to sink our teeth into, and we hope we get to work with Middlesex again soon.

MDX Collage 1 MDX Collage2 MDX Collage3MDX_Student lifeGet in touch if you have any questions about how Bloodybigspider can help jazz up your university literature!



Enter stage left: meet new client Spare Tyre

We’re pleased to announce Spare Tyre as our latest copywriting client. Welcome to the Bloodybigspider family! Over the coming months we’ll be rewriting their website copy to help them deliver a consistent message and tone of voice.

Spare Tyre is a participatory arts charity based in London, supporting adults with learning difficulties, people with dementia, people over 60 and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. They aim to provide voiceless communities with self esteem and a renewed sense of confidence through performance.

We reckon their amazing work shouldn’t go unnoticed, and we hope we can help raise their profile and spread the good word.

So check them out and make a donation!

Spare Tyre Theatre Company | Home

Richard Mclean

Bloodybigspider does management accounting

As we’ve mentioned numerous times in our weekly updates, we’ve been working with a bunch of wonderful clients recently. One of those is CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and we’ve been specifically working with the student recruitment team to help attract new CIMA students into the fold.

We’ve written everything from web copy (lots of it) to emails, and we even teamed up with the Bloodybigspider designers to create a snazzy animated video – script by us, design by Steve & co, animation by the awesome Anne.

We’ve been focusing more and more on the education sector recently, so having the chance to talk directly to school and university students, as well as to working professionals thinking about retraining, has been really interesting.

We hope that our work will help CIMA students and members go on to big things in the future.

Here are a few examples of our CIMA copy:

343 CIMA_web copy_find out about joining us_V2 copy

343 CIMA_Graduates Emailv2343 CIMA_MBA or Master's Emailv2 343 CIMA_web copy_find out about joining us_school leaversv2

If you’d like a bit of Bloodybigspiderness in your copy too, we’d love to help so give us a shout.

Stay tuned for some more of our work samples.


Even nicer in your ISA

We worked with media planning agency MNC last year to write and design two newspaper ads for alternative finance platform Wellesley & Co. This one appeared in The Daily Telegraph. It was a great project to work on – particularly as we could get our copywriting team involved with the headlines, too.

Stephen Holmes