Monthly Archives: August 2016


Oi, you, look at me

With creative work, whether it’s branding, design or advertising, the most important thing is to be noticed (old skool AIDA). If no one is looking at you, they’ll never see your message, let alone do what you’re trying to influence them to do.

This article, Using every trick in the book to be remembered, from Campaign¬†features some of the common tricks used in TV advertising. Making sure you stand out with your creative is one easy way to make your marketing work harder, which is why I’m always surprised that so many marketing directors are scared of being different from their competition¬†and the market.

Take a position, have an opinion, do something a little unexpected and yes, you might not appeal to everyone but you’ll make those that do like you like you even more, and they’ll be far more likely to be evangelical about your brand. Surely that’s better than blending into the crowd, where nobody notices you and nobody cares?

After all, those brands you admire that you mentioned in your brief probably did something a little different, which is what got you raving about them in the first place. Isn’t it time you joined them?

Stephen Holmes