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Something for the weekend

Hey there! Big, HUGE news this week: Pollen has landed.


Join us on Tuesday 5th April in The Finery, a lovely pub just off Oxford Street. It’s free entry, and we have an excellent (totally optional) little ice-breaker thing that you will love if I do say so myself. If you work in marketing / comms / PR / design or something sort of similar, come along and say hello!

In other news, after a couple of late nights this week we had a really successful presentation of first idea for a new client (top secret at the moment, would love to tell you but then we’d have to ask you nicely not to tell anybody else and I’m not sure we can trust you).

That’s about it for now. Stay tuned, we’ll have lots of exciting stuff to tell you next week and if we don’t we’ll make some up.

Links from the week:

Happy weekend! xox


(Awesome BBS doodle courtesy of design intern Taylor Trotman!)

Siobhan O'Brien Holmes

Sio’s copywriting swipe file #2

Good Tuesday to you, friends. Welcome to the very, very belated second edition of my one-woman blog series, where I grab something nice out of my copywriting swipe file and show you how wonderful it is.

Today: Thai restaurant in Bangkok.

Steve and I went to Thailand for New Year, and it was very nice apart from Steve’s allergic reaction after accidentally eating nuts and being confined to bed for basically the whole day. That wasn’t Bo.lan’s fault, though; in fact, we didn’t even go to Bo.lan so it would be very unfair to blame them. The nut thing is irrelevant actually, I was just setting the scene.

Bo.lan is a restaurant that I thought about booking for dinner before we flew to Thailand. In the end, for whatever reason, I didn’t, but I came across this online flyer for a food and beer pairing event there and I pretty much fell in love. It’s not at all in keeping with the restaurant’s overall tone of voice (not judging by the website copy anyway) so I assume it was written by Beervana, the beer people.

Now, I’m not saying this sort of ‘fuck you’ attitude is always the right approach to copywriting. Actually, it’s almost never, ever the right approach if you want to sell stuff and have people like you. But in this case, it is good. So. damn. good.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 16.12.51

Doesn’t it make you really, really want to go to this event? I imagine Marilyn Manson would be manning the cloakroom, Metallica showing you to your table and Ozzy Osbourne directing your attention to the specials board, which would just say ‘you’ll eat what you’re fucking given’. Plus everything would be so spicy you couldn’t even touch it with your tongue, and all the beer would have dead beetles floating on the top.

I WANT TO GO NOW and I don’t even like beer. Or beetles.

This is a classic example of ‘don’t be rude to your customers unless you know they love it’, sort of like Kathryn in Cruel Intentions and Rizzo in Grease.

PS: I was originally listening to some soothing rain sounds while writing this but obviously had to switch over to Black Sabbath because that’s what the devil holding the chilli and the pint would want.

Siobhan O'Brien Holmes

Something for the weekend: Budweiser, ballerinas and Belle

It’s a quick update this week, folks. Busy, busy, busy and all that! Here are a few highlights from the week: Steve went to a networking event last night and had an entire bottle of Prosecco plus beer and gin; we all scoped out The Finery pub on Monday and paid the deposit for Pollen number three – woop; I had a meeting with a lovely client in the middle of Regent’s Park which was very nice.

We’ll have some more exciting insights into Bloodybigspider life next week, honest. But for now, feast your eyes on this lot:

Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious weekend folks! (I typed that correctly first time without Googling it, I WIN!)

Stephen Holmes