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Something for the Halloween weekend

Happy Halloween! What’s everyone dressing up as tomorrow? If you’re not too busy trick or treating this weekend, take a look-see at our latest selection of lovely links, with a bonus special spooky offering to get you in the pumpkin carving mood:

Things that go bump in the night



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Tech & Marketing

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Happy Halloween, mwah ha ha ha ha ha!

Siobhan O'Brien Holmes

Something for the weekend: pornstar martinis and twilight tours

Wednesday evening was the Bloodybigspider team’s big night out, so apologies if communication was a little slow and incoherent on Thursday morning.

It was Laura’s turn to pick the activity and she chose a ‘twilight tour’ of Dennis Severs’ House in Spitalfields, which is essentially a half hour walk in complete silence, looking at things you can’t really see because it’s pitch black. The house, home to a fictional family of well-to-do silk weavers, is like a living time capsule from the 1700s, each room intricately dressed and staged to evoke 18th century London life. Had we been allowed to touch the props – the fancy china, the lady of the house’s pearl earrings, the dusty Dickens novels – it would have felt like playing in a giant dolls’ house. But it was strictly hands off, so it felt more like a museum display or gallery exhibit, except without the handy cards on the wall to tell you what everything’s meant to be. It’s all the fun of a museum with none of the education.

Against all odds we did enjoy it and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something a bit weird in London. Next we popped into the London Cocktail Club and had one or two or six drinks before stumbling home, Steve and I in a cursed taxi driven by the world’s unluckiest cab driver who spent 45 minutes telling us tales of the crashes, deaths, illegal pickups and lawsuits he’d experienced from behind the wheel, including a horrific accident for which he was later arrested.

A lovely evening was had by all then, and we look forward to our next adventure as planned by Lauren.

Until then, here are some things to read:

Happy weekend!


Siobhan O'Brien Holmes

Something for the weekend: fractals, fireflies and an underground farm

Oh my gosh, we have so much to tell youSince the last SFTW post, we’ve said goodbye to the awesome Miranda, who’s moving to Cheltenham into a ridiculously nice apartment with a spiral staircase and book nook . We’ll miss her loads but we’re currently dulling the pain with some seriously strong alcoholic truffles Miranda gave Steve on her last day. She obviously knew how emotional we’d be feeling this week.

In happy news, we have two amazing new additions to the Bloodybigspider design team. Drum roll please…

Introducing: Laura Callaghan and Lauren Forrester! Welcome!

We’re sure you’re gonna love them as much as we do. They’re both super nice, and Steve and I are feeling really lucky to have such a lovely team around us. But enough about us, let’s talk about you. If you’re looking for something to read on the journey home tonight, here are a few little gems we came across this week (and maybe last week too since I forgot to do a SFTW post then…). Happy Friday!


  • Hey designers, how’s your maths? Read this and brush up on fractals and the Fibonacci sequence
  • This Kickstarter book about original Pizza Hut buildings is bizarre but I quite like it
  • Don’t cry over spilt coffee – turn it into a monster (adorable)
  • If you want to waste loads of money on stuff you don’t need, click on over to Present and Correct. I spent a small fortune on paper and Hansel & Gretel stamps last week
  • The new virtual design from the makers of Monument Valley, the prettiest iPhone puzzle game you’ll ever play
  • Channel 4 finally rebrands after ten years but keeps the original logo
  • XL artist Powell turns email from Steve Albini into billboard ad for new single
  • I would KILL to be able to find my ’80s sticker albums! I still vividly remember my big Sheffield Wednesday shiny – I don’t think I knew who they were but it was my pride and joy. I’m super jealous of this woman’s vintage album:

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 13.18.55


  • The marketing team for Krays biopic Legend are a sneaky bunch, masquerading a scathing, two star review from The Guardian as an endorsement. This article highlights the widespread misrepresentation of critics’ comments on film posters and DVD blurbs; the TV ad for Gone Girl quoted Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers as calling the film ‘the date-night movie of the decade’, leaving out the rest of the sentence: ‘for couples who dream of destroying one another’
  • Should the NHS jump on the ‘brand stretching’ bandwagon and start bringing other services into the trusted and popular A&E brand?
  • Some brilliant ’50s Pepsi ads: ‘Sure, they enjoy life, these modern people. Their good looks and slender figures are a pleasure to each other – and everyone around them… Their up-to-date taste is for the lighter, less filling foods and drink. Today’s Pepsi-Cola goes right along with this wholesome trend in diet’:

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 13.39.17

Everything else

  • If you have trouble connecting to other Macs or servers on Yosemite, this software’s pretty handy. It’ll revert file sharing back to SMB1 – a more stable version of the newer SMB2 and 3 – without needing to bother with Terminal
  • The pope vs the wind – hahaha
  • A London bomb shelter has been transformed into a subterranean farm, Growing Underground (it was worth building just for that pun, if you ask me)
  • A guide to having your own Harry Potter weekend in London
  • The story of the Twin Peaks music (PS: I went to an immersive Twin Peaks diner experience earlier this month and I highly recommend it to fans if there are still tickets left!)
  • These divorce selfies are bizarre and make me a bit sad but the couples are clearly very cool and mature and it’s nice that they’re all staying friends
  • Yes I would like to go to a firefly themed park in China please. It looks a scene from The Princess & The Frog
  • How long would your iPhone last if it were powered by black coal or body fat?
  • Turns out US comedian Stephen Rannazzisi (no, me neither) was lying all along about being in the World Trade Centre during the 9/11 attacks
  • Home routers are being vaccinated by a benign virus to protect them from cyber attacks
  • This 92 year old grandmother in Japan has embroidered 500 gorgeous temari balls, symbols of happiness and friendship. My 92 year old nanna is a kick-ass knitter, maybe they should team up and take over the world:

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 13.02.48