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Something for the weekend: Austin Flowers, Johnny Cash cream and Moby Dick bookmarks

Goodbye July, hello August, and hello to our lovely new intern Laura. BBS Creative Director is very much outnumbered in the agency these days, with the team now made up of four women vs one Steve. Mwah ha ha ha.

As you trot off into your sunny Saturday, here are some thoroughly fascinating websites and articles we’ve stumbled across in the past five days. Bookmark a few and read them as you skip through the buttercups and ride carousel horses over fences or however it is you spend your weekend if you’re not a Disney character.




  • If there’s one thing that cheers me up on a cloudy day it’s a good shop name pun (fish and chip takeaways are my favourite) so I very much enjoyed this list and the comments below. Nothing will ever beat Jason Donervan though

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Something for the weekend: subject lines, squeeze pages and 1920s aliens

It’s been a typically busy week in BBS towers and we’re rounding off the week with a quieter-than-usual beer o’clock (since Miranda’s off in sunny Scotland) and a #FeelGoodFriday playlist courtesy of Spotify. We’re definitely ready for the weekend and reckon you probably are too, so here are a few lovely links to tide you over ’til Monday in case you miss work too much. Now go have fun in the rain.


Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 18.27.49


  • I always try to get a couple of cold hard stats from clients when writing copy. It can really add weight to a message and prove your point in a way that words just can’t. This article on how numbers can tell a story is totally spot on.
  • Email subject lines are so important but they’re often an afterthought. Mailchimp put together some basic best practice tips, like avoiding spam triggers (don’t say ‘free’ or ‘help’) and keeping subject lines to around 50 characters.
  • Getting the word out there can be hard for a small business – trust us, we know! So this handy list of ideas for marketing a small biz is really useful, and it was tweeted by Virgin Pioneers who are awesome.
  • Apparently minimal signup pages (AKA squeeze pages) get the most conversions.
  • It’s all about emoji branding these days.

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Reading & writing

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Something for the weekend: sticky trees, prison food and why we love the sky

Sadly, the fabulous Rick Mclean bid farewell to Bloodybigspider on Tuesday and so he passes the Something for the Weekend baton over to me. So here are a few nice things we spotted online this week that you might like to peruse:


Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 17.02.24


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 Reading & writing

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Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!

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unSend: Now there’s no need to cry when you mess up your next email

Loyal BBS fans might remember my blog post a couple of weeks ago about disastrous email personalisation and how terrified I am of subject line typos. So I was pretty intrigued when I read about unSend, an email delivery system that lets you not just recall a message but edit and delete it – even after it’s been opened by the recipient.

When you send an email using unSend, you have three options:

  • Ability to edit and delete your email and any attachments (plus open tracking)
  • Ability to edit and delete attachments only (plus open tracking)
  • Open tracking only

If you go for the first option, which is obviously the best choice for cautious types like me, your text will be converted into an image that’s hosted on unSend’s server, thus giving them the power to make changes on your behalf. Here’s one I made earlier:

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 12.41.11

Because it was converted into a jpeg the text looks a little weird, and of course recipients won’t be able to copy and paste if they need to, but it doesn’t look bad and the chances are most people won’t spot that there’s anything suspicious going on at first glance. Oh, until you get to the ‘sent via’ line at the end. To remove the ads, you’ve got to fork out $5 a month.

If you go for the second option, your text will be sent as normal but you can’t edit it. You can only delete or edit your attachments.

The last option won’t let you edit anything, but it does track email opens for you, which is definitely handy.

Oh, and if you’re a spy who needs to send top secret documents to other spies, there’s a ‘self destruct’ mode available too.

Thanks to Linda who talked about unSend on her awesome blog, The Renegade Writer, today. She goes into much more detail than I have here.

Overall unSend is pretty limited and you wouldn’t use it for a marketing or sales email campaign, but it’s an interesting idea and if you’re super paranoid about typos or accidentally attaching the wrong file, it could be useful.


Siobhan O'Brien Holmes

Syntax you’re always mangling: Word Crimes by Weird Al

I could try to persuade you to hire Bloodybigspider to write or proofread your copy, but I think I’ll let Weird Al Yankovic take this one…

This is truly incredible, and swiftly replacing Amish Paradise as my favourite Weird Al number.

We, by the way, were not raised in a sewer.