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Something for the weekend


Happy Friday one and all, thanks for joining us on this fine afternoon.

You’re almost at the end of another working week and soon you’ll be free to do whatever the hell you want… for the next 48 hours at least.

The end of May is just round the corner and we’re fast approaching the halfway point of 2015. It doesn’t seem two minutes since I was wondering what to write for my first ‘Something for the weekend’ post way back in January. Yikes, #Throwbackfriday.

The days have flown by since then and I’ve been privileged to work with such talented people here in Whitechapel, including the excellent wordsmith that is SOH. She’s taught me everything there is to know about arranging letters in such a way that they make a sentence seem like a beautiful love story.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you some blog posts showing off our copywriting, design and all-around marketing skills. We’ve had the pleasure of working with some top clients this year and we feel it’s about time we show you all what we’ve been up to.

But without further ado, here’s some of our top internet picks from the week:

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We don’t just hang around Brick Lane all day finding some of London’s best street art, food and hipster things to do y’know. We spend most of our days working bloody hard (honest).

Thanks for stopping by folks and have a bloody brilliant weekend.

The BBS team

Richard Mclean

Something for the weekend


Congratulations! Your reward for making it through another gruelling week of work is a bumper three day weekend – wahoo! We love a good bank holiday so please don’t take them away Mr Cameron.

The last seven days have been hell for me after coming down with a hefty dose of food poisoning thanks to the guys at Taste of Tennessee in Streatham Hill. Even if you’ve had a day session on the booze cruise and decide to break the ‘eating is cheating’ rule please avoid going anywhere near that place… that is if your’e in the deep depths of south London. I’m still paying for it now almost two weeks later, grim.

Reality TV with a Bear

Whilst I was in bed feeling sorry for myself I got quite into The Island with Bear Grylls and watched the entire second series in one day. I’ve not been that addicted to a reality TV show since Nadia was on Big Brother (historic television right there).

I really enjoyed watching people starve to death but I couldn’t help thinking it’s got to be fixed. There’s no way modern man, or woman can last more than a few hours without checking their iPhones or uploading a selfie from their holidays. No way.

And not only that, food magically appeared in the form of little piglets just when they needed it. I’m surprised Bear didn’t leave some ketchup and bread laying around too.

In other news the 22nd May is the birthday of one of music’s all time greats, the one and only Morrissey. Happy 56th birthday you beautiful man. 

Before you head off on your long and well deserved three day bank-hol-bonanza here’s some of our favourite things from the internet this week:

Bloodybigspider’s Instagram pictures of the week:

Enjoy your bumper weekend ladies and gentlemen and try not to get too drunk tonight!

The BBS team




Something for the weekend


Another Friday and it feels like the week’s over before it began. The lovely sunshine deteriorated into spring showers that ruined my suede desert boots. Damn British weather.

In happier news, I’m pleased to say our new recruit Silvia has settled in really nicely and it feels like she’s been a Bloodybigspider trooper for an eternity – in a good way!

She’s a real whiz at making things look pretty (as are Steve and Miranda, obvs), and hopefully you’ll have the pleasure of working with her soon (if you’re a BBS client, that is!).

The week in Whitechapel

We mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Tesco on Whitechapel High Street had a ghastly aroma in the store that can only be described as a concoction of mouldy cheese and burnt hair. Tesco tweeted us to ‘apologise’ and said it would be fixed soon. I went in yesterday and it still stinks… c’mon Tesco, sort it out! My advice: avoid them at all costs!

Bloodybigspider update 

We’ve been rocking out to our collaborative Bloodybigspider rocks Spotify playlist in the office this week, containing a whopping 4,491 top tunes from the likes of Michael Jackson, Oasis, Alphabeat, Kate Bush, Bon Iver and Busted (we’re not ashamed).

Other than throwing shapes like ‘the robot’ and ‘big fish little fish cardboard box’, our fingers have been glued to the keyboard, writing up bios for some up-and-coming bands (more on that later), blog posts for an accounting body client, and generally changing the world with our copywriting skillz.

We’ve got some excellent blog posts planned for the near future, but we’d also love to know what you’d like to read, so let us know.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Here are some of the best bits from the internet this week:

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Have a bloody great weekend!

The BBS team

Richard Mclean

Something for the weekend


Something for the weekend is back! Sorry we’ve been away for the last few weeks – we’ve been crazy busy!

Welcome to Bloodybigspider! 

First of all we’d like to welcome our new designer Silvia to the Bloodybigspider team, welcome Silvia! Originally hailing from Portugal, she decided to leave the beautiful weather and culture behind for a much rainier way of life in England. Now we’re lucky to have her smiley face in the Bloodybigspider office. I’m sure you’ll hear more about her in the coming weeks and months.

Since she’s never been to Whitechapel I took it upon myself to give her an impromptu Jack the Ripper/street art tour. We took a stroll down Brick Lane and had a curry, a bowl of cereal and a beigel – the proper east London experience. She’s now a fully fledged hipster.

I feel like something else of great importance happened this week too. What was it? Ahhh yeh, that’s right. It was #ukelection2015 wasn’t it? After all the build up and poll predictions David bloody Cameron got to stay in 10 Downing Street for a while longer. All the talk of overthrowing the Tories has faded away, people have resigned and the rich have won. Goodbye NHS, goodbye tax money, goodbye Europe…

That’s the last you’ll hear from me on politics for the next five years, I promise.

So Bloodybigspider, what have you guys been up to this week? 

Lot’s of exciting things have been happening at BBS HQ this week. We had a meeting with a lovely leading arts charity and we hope to be helping them with some copywriting in the near future.

I went to a really good copywriting masterclass on Hanbury Street taught by the good people at General Assembly; I highly recommend their lectures. I did forget to take my pencil case and the dog ate my homework so I got a bit of a telling off, but other than that it was really good!

The designers have been designing (obviously) some web banners for lovely new client of ours easyHotel, and they’ve been a pleasure to work with.

We may have been busy little bees this week, but we still managed to find some interesting links  to get you ready for the weekend:

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We hope you all have a bloody great weekend!

The BBS team