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Even nicer in your ISA

We worked with media planning agency MNC last year to write and design two newspaper ads for alternative finance platform Wellesley & Co. This one appeared in The Daily Telegraph. It was a great project to work on ‚Äď particularly as we could get our copywriting team involved with the headlines, too.

Stephen Holmes

University of Leicester found Richard

It’s very rare that I spot a university tube ad that doesn’t make me say ‘ohhh dear’. But¬†then I saw this cheeky little number on the Victoria line today and had to¬†get a (rather shoddy) picture. See commuters, I wasn’t taking a stalkerish photo of you, it was just the ad!

IMG_6134They’ve obviously turned this around fairly quickly to capitalise on all the Richard III hubbub in the news, and I think it’s a really clever way of instantly giving a relatively¬†modern¬†institution a¬†huge¬†sense¬†of heritage and history.

The University of Leicester was founded in 1921 ‚Äď a lot later than the Oxfords (approx. 1096) and Cambridges (1209) of this world. But start talking about a 15th century king of England¬†and people imagine, however subconsciously, they’ve been around for donkey’s years.

Plus they’re reminding us just how bloody clever they are. ‘Other universities couldn’t find him, but we did’.

Long live the University of Leicester!



Something for the weekend


Today was the day of #eclipse2015 and in typically British fashion the weather was terrible, especially in foggy old London town. Along with many people in the capital, I tried to see the eclipse and instead all I got was this lousy t-shirt…

And in the true heroic fashion the internet responded with some¬†pretty funny tweets about the whole thing. Bring on 2026 when the next eclipse will probably be ruined by the weather too… and I bet hover boards still won’t have been invented (sigh).

In other news Jeremy Clarkson proves you can be racist, sexist, whatever else-ist he is and even punch your producer in the kisser and still not get fired. All this and still one million people sign a petition to bring him back to our television screens. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the kind of society we live in these days. Meh.

Well, I’ll have you know that none of that goes on in the Bloodybigspider office. That kind of behaviour’s not tolerated round these parts. Although I did punch the pizza delivery guy in the face when he got my order wrong, but it’s acceptable nowadays right?

Anyway,¬†here are some pretty pictures from this week’s instagramming:

Oh, and by the way (btw ‚Äď for you cool kids), look out for Bloodybigspider’s latest work in newspapers up and down the nation. We recently finished a campaign for Wellesley & Co and we can’t wait to see it in’t paper!

We’d also like to give a shoutout to our new clients¬†and Harper Anderton¬†‚Äď we look forward to working with you both! Yay.

This weekend is just around the corner so why not enjoy some of our freshly hand picked t’internet sites to keep you entertained for the last few hours of work before you hit the pubs and clubs across town?


That’s your lot for this week folks. Have a bloody good’un!

The BBS Team


Something for the weekend

Palm Trees


It’s that time of year again folks. Dig out your speedos, mankinis, flip flops, sun cream, ridiculous sunglasses, bikinis and the like… springtime is here! Wahoo. Apparently mercury is going to hit 17 degrees centigrade in sunny Scotland this weekend, so pack your bags and head up north for some sun, sea and haggis. If you want.

The sun has got his hat on backwards in east London, hip, hip, hipster hurray. He’s determined¬†not to let winter ruin our lives any longer. The skinny jeans will soon be a thing of the past and the skimpy Levis denim short cut-offs will be out in force. My flabby thighs will be on show for all to see.

We’ll have more Whitechapel weather updates coming to you over the warmer¬†months, reporting on all things sun related.

What’s been going on with you, Bloodybigspider?

Well, I’m glad you asked. We’ve been working as hard as ever this week on all things marketing. I’ve been working on some interesting projects and learning all about social media analytics and that sort of thing. I am now a social media analytics wizard. I’ve also been writing product descriptions for a lovely new client of ours. Who’d’ve thought that you could write so much about¬†toothbrush holders and toilet football games?! Now I know what to put on my Christmas wish list.

As well as our hard work and dedication to our clients we’ve also been trawling the internet for your entertainment. Here’s what we found this week. You’re welcome.

Please feel free to share your best bits from the week with us too. Oh, and enjoy the sun!

Happy weekend!

BBS Team



The Pizza Smackdown: Domino’s Vs Pizza Hut

Pizza Collage

It’s an age old question we ask ourselves time and again when it comes to pizza¬†‚Ästwho serves up the best cheese based, delicious deep-pan (or thin and crispy)¬†delicacy? Well, I’m here today not just¬†to talk about devouring¬†that¬†sizzling meat feast, spilling cheese all over your face as you try and stuff an entire slice into your mouth, but also how nice and easy the whole process is, from ordering online¬†to the good stuff arriving¬†at your front door.

It’s not all¬†about having an aesthetically pleasing website, it’s about the customer journey. If we¬†get fed up half way through, we’ll say ‘see ya later’ and go¬†find another fast food delivery joint. It’s all about getting me (the customer that’s always right) from A to P(epperoni¬†heaven) in one, smooth transaction.

As you all know (especially those of you that have been reading our blog posts and follow us on Instagram) I like to indulge in my fair share of fast food. It’s my guilty pleasure… every day.

We’ve all had those nights when¬†we get home from work, plonk ourselves on the sofa and decide ‘no way am I cooking tonight!’ So what do we do? We reach for our laptop or tablet and head to the internet. You don’t need to bother with that JustEat nonsense when you know pizza’s on the cards. Pizza Hut and Domino’s have loads of tempting offers that could easily have me¬†buying from them every¬†night of the week.

It just so happened that that was¬†me two weeks in a row: one night the order was from Pizza Hut, and the following week it was Domino’s. Both experiences filled me with joy as I knew soon after my order was complete I would be falling into a post-pizza-eating coma.


On your journey starts with entering your postcode on the homepage. Once you’ve entered this critical piece of info they’ll find your local Pizza Hut, and then ask you to¬†select from ‘collect’ or ‘deliver’ again ‚Äď I already told you guys I want my pizza delivered!

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 12.49.12The second page gave me the feeling of de ja vu…

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 15.33.59

Two pages into the process, and the next stage is to choose what would you like to do? Err, order a pizza, obviously.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 12.58.43

Is it just me or does this page feel a bit over the top? There’s too much bold text, colour and offers crammed into one space. It doesn’t feel like much thought or time’s put into the layout.

Anyway, you can choose from their many offers, or click on ‘Pizza’ to¬†get¬†where you want to be! Onto the fourth¬†page of my Pizza Hut journey and I can finally choose¬†my grub.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 14.03.09

This page doesn’t look very exciting, but hey, it’s all about the quality of the pizza and not the fancy website right? On this page you can select from the classic dishes (like I need to tell you what pizzas they serve up), or you can pimp your pizza and add up to 10 toppings. I’ll have five lots¬†of double pepperoni then, please! ¬£11.20 is the additional cost you’ll pay if you tackle all 10 extra toppings, so think carefully before splashing out.

You’ll notice when you select each part of the pizza from the base to the toppings, you see a little image of what you’re ordering. Personally, I don’t think these pictures are great, especially when you compare them to Domino’s (you’ll see what I mean in the next section).

So, now you’ve selected your pizza, sides and the rest, and all that’s left to do is input your payment details and try to¬†wait patiently until the¬†pizza arrives at your door.

My experience¬†with Pizza Hut seemed pretty standard really. I did feel¬†like¬†there were extra pages that could be removed from¬†the process, for example choosing the ‘delivery’ option twice seemed¬†unnecessary. On the whole, nothing stood out and made me think ‘wow, this is amazing!’ it just made my stomach rumble quite a lot at thought of eating a¬†delicious fast food favourite.

Upon receiving the cheesy based goodness at¬†my front door and opening up the box to tuck in, I realised it was lukewarm at best, and so were the sides. Disappointment was an understatement, considering their food’s ‘guaranteed to be red hot every time’. It was the complete opposite. My options were eat it cold or put it back in the oven (which I refuse to do as it defeats the point of ordering in), so the decidedly un-hot pizza left a cold, stale taste in my mouth. Never again Pizza Hut. Never again!


So with expectations even higher a week later, after my bad experience with Pizza Hut, I went online to see if Domino’s could prove any better.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 14.44.18

At first glance, Domino’s website beats Pizza Hut hands down. It looks way more modern and pleasing on the eye. But what about the user journey? It starts very much the same as Pizza Hut, but there’s just one postcode field instead of two.

Once you’ve entered your postcode it shows¬†your local Domino’s establishment on a nice big map. Next just click ‘deliver to me’ and you’re away.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 17.48.05 (2)

On this nicely laid out page you can either create your pizza the way you want it, or scroll down to choose from the Speciality Pizzas.¬†Simple, right?¬†As I was sharing the pizza with the missus¬†I went for the ‘Half and Half’ option.

This was really simple to do: you select the size, type of crust, and¬†the pizza you want. Or you can choose to add your own toppings. With these guys you’re limited to nine at a cost of ¬£1.50 each.

One of the things I like about the Domino’s website is that once¬†you select a pizza from the list, the image of your food¬†fresh out of the oven appears¬†before your very eyes, making your mouth water even more.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 14.58.05

All you need to do now is choose your sides and pay up. You’ll be taken through four simple steps in¬†the checkout process and that’s it. Your yummy pizza will be starting¬†its circle of life.

Another thing I enjoyed was the lovely¬†infographic. Once your order’s complete the infographic¬†shows your pizza cooking in realtime, so you’ll see when it goes into the oven, when the toppings are going on, when it comes out for quality checking and lastly when it goes out for delivery. They’re basically letting you know that this pizza is 100% fresh and being cooked for you right this second. You can’t take your eyes off the screen for a moment; it even shows you when it’s out for delivery so you know it’s only round the corner.

And when that doorbell finally rings you know who it is. If it’s the in-laws you’re gonna be disappointed!

Like Pizza Hut, Domino’s also promise ‘your pizza is delivered deliciously hot every time’, and guess what, people: it wasn’t. It was¬†warmer than the previous week’s Pizza Hut but by no means hot.

So maybe next time I’ll be making the pizza myself. Until then…

The ‘best pizza delivery out of¬†Pizza Hut and Domino’s’ award goes to…

So after all that you’re probably wondering who on earth you should order your pizza from this evening, and for the foreseeable future. I have to say, with my hand on my heart, I believe Domino’s to be the victor in this heavyweight clash of the takeaway¬†titans. Their website was by far the best, and though the grub wasn’t much warmer than Pizza Hut’s, the quality was a lot better. Maybe lots of free pizza from Domino’s will help sway things even more in their favour ‚Äď who knows?!

Congratulations Domino’s ‚Äď you’ve won the famous ‘Bloodybigspider’s best delivery pizza out of Pizza Hut and Domino’s’ trophy!

All this talk about pizza has made me very hungry. Why not tell us what you think ‚Äď who’s the best pizza delivery joint in your town?