Confused.com – I certainly am

Recently, Confused.com changed the agencies that they use for both their media buying & planning and their creative (disclosure: one of our clients – MNC – used to be their media agency).

The creative and strategy recently seems to have changed too, nothing too unusual about that, to be expected really.

But, I’ve just seen one of their new TV commercials (“Jeans” – below) and I just don’t get it.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the concept I do get – use Confused.com and save a load of money.

It’s the item and the person that seem a little bit confused. If it’s the man wishfully looking at the thing he could have bought with the money saved, it should be something for himself, or if it’s for the ‘better-half’ surely it should be something that he would have an interest in her wearing, say… lingerie, or a lovely dress. Jeans however just seems a bit mundane.

I don’t know any bloke that’s thought, “I bet she’ll look great in a pair of jeans”.

A gorgeous dress, yes.

A pair of jeans, no.

She might like a pair of jeans, but she’s not the one being kept awake at night wishing she’d used Confused.com to save the money to buy them. And as they’re trying to say that everyone will (could) save (over) £150, they’re a very expensive pair of jeans. A few shopping bags might have been better, as if she’d been on a shopping spree with the money she’d saved – that would be if she was the one lying in bed awake at night thinking about the money she could have saved if only she’d been smart enough to use the site.

But she’s not.

It’s her fella thinking of jeans she might like.

The advert is then backed up by print (nothing wrong with that) but sadly the billboards are, errr, what shall we say, “somewhat less than exciting?”

As you can see, it doesn’t exactly get the pulse racing does it?

Will it work? I suspect not particularly.

Creatively, are they lagging behind the pack? Yep.

They are confused and I certainly am.

// Image: photo of the Confused.com print advert lovingly ‘nicked’ from Mike Cheshire’s blog, I am Mix

Stephen Holmes
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One thought on “Confused.com – I certainly am

  1. Mike

    Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for the link back,

    Thinking back at my post, I think what confused me at the time was seeing the billboard first and how it makes no sense whatsoever. There is just so much lacking in the overall integration, the message is very vague and is too simple. So they don’t actually support the TV ads. I agree that the wife should have been kept awake at night in regards to some strange clothing obsession. I think that would be the least of a man’s worry!
    Confused.com should be worried that if it leaves people in advertising confused, what chance is there for their actual target audience to make sense of it!

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